Parking purge

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STEPS are being taken to clampdown on a pavement parking blackspot once and for all.

St Annes’ Central PACT group is to take the initiative in inviting a number of key agencies to become involved in St Alban’s Road — which could open the way to funding for improvements to help with the safety objective.

PACT members and residents are growing increasingly concerned about the potential dangers in the area around the shops close to the junction with Church Road, which has seen repeated instances of vehicles parked on pavements.

Chairman Drew McLaren told a meeting of the group that large planters outside the One Stop shop had helped cut down on rogue parking on that section of the street but that the general situation was still a major concern.

“This has been going on for some time now and we have looked a variety of solutions,” he said. “Large bollards with lockable chains for which shopkeepers would have a key are one possible answer but some shopkeepers are reluctant to agree to anything which would discourage customers.

“We have involved the police in trying to clamp down on illegal parking but this is an issue involving more than one agency.”

Other organisations which could be involved in finding a solution include Fylde and Lancashire County Councils as well as other emergency services, who would have a vital say on access.

Former Central PACT chairman Bob Plant told the meeting he felt it was time to take the matter out of the hands of the shopkeepers and make sure safe parking was enforced, while St Annes Town Councillor Barbara Mackenzie said involving multiple agencies could open the way to funding.

Resident Trevor Saunders said he was concerned about safety and pointed out there was a free car park close by, which was rarely used.

“The other day, a car came very close to me as it drove on to the pavement while I was walking,” he said. “I am fairly nimble and not particularly nervous but for someone nervous and not nimble, that could have been scary.”