Carnival date in store for Edward charity

Supporters of the Edward Dee Fun at Lytham Club Day
Supporters of the Edward Dee Fun at Lytham Club Day

Supporters of the Edward Dee Fund are ready to get on their bikes again to help boost the charity's coffers

A group led by Edward's mum and day Elizabeth and Justin cycled in the procession at Lytham Club Day and intend to do the same again at St Annes Carnival on Saturday, July 6.

The group, sporting Edward Dee Fund tee-shirts and festooned with balloons, won first prize in their category at the Lytham event and Elizabeth said: "It was a fantastic day.

"It was fabulous being right in the heart of the community, raising awareness, handing out thousands of leaflets - totally what the charity is about.

"Thank you so much to those who cycled in the parade, who spent hours on blinging their bikes, those who gave out thousands of leaflets for us raise awareness, all those who helped and supported, those who waved and cheered us on in the parade and to those who gave us the loudest cheer and applause when we won that trophy #forEdward.

"It was a wonderful awareness exercise and we are looking forward to doing it again at St Annes. Hopefully this will encourage more people to read about what the charity is about and support the work we do in future. "

The fund to aid local community was set up in memory of Edward, a 10-year-old pupil of Clifton Primary School, St Annes, who died of meningitis in December 2016.

Previously, tens of thousands of pounds was raised in the 12 months immediately after his death for the Edward Dee Forever Fund for Meningitis Now to aid research into the disease.