Gas expert to stand in Fylde

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  • Fracking expert Mike Hill to stand for Fylde seat at general election
  • Will use expertise to fight against frecking in the borough
  • Believes fracking would have terrible consequences

Oil and Gas Engineer and fracking expert Mike Hill is to stand for the Fylde seat at the next general Election.

After five years of fighting for the Fylde at local, UK Government and EU level, Mr Hill has decided to stand as a candidate for the Fylde seat at the next general election.

I will not allow the Fylde to be wrecked. I will not allow our health to be damaged. Not my family’s and not yours.

Mike Hill

Mike is a local businessman, married to Mandy, who teaches English at a local high school and has twin sons now in their second year.

He has used his expertise to fight for proper regulation in hydraulic fracturing and his work has been used at all levels in council reports, Department of Energy and Climate Change published guidance and by professional bodies and journals such as The Royal Society and The Lancet.

He said: “Central Government has insisted that the Fylde will be fracked regardless of the insufficient regulations and safeguards to protect the public from the severe health risks that derive from fracking; regardless of what Lancashire County Council or the Fylde decides.

“Further, peoples’ investments in their homes in terms of their value will be dramatically reduced.

“All because the Conservative Party has decided we must pay this price. I cannot allow this to happen.

“With my knowledge, qualifications and experience and having fought for the last five years on this very issue I can argue and make the case for the Fylde, as your MP and like no other person can do, who is standing at this general election.

“I will not allow the Fylde to be wrecked. I will not allow our health to be damaged. Not my family’s and not yours.”

Mr Hill has addressed more than 66 public meetings and written numerous papers on fracking.

Mr Hill met this week with former independent MP Martin Bell when he made an appearance at Lowther Pavilion.

Mr Bell, a UNICEF Ambassador ,former BBC broadcast war reporter and independent politician, spent an hour chatting with Mr Hill about the best way to carry out duties as an independent MP.

Mr Bell said: “I wish Mike every success in his attempt to win the seat of Fylde.”

Mike Hill added: “It was a pleasure to meet Martin Bell for an hour.

“His incredible life experiences, political campaigning and winning as an Independent MP, are invaluable to me standing at the next election to represent the Fylde as a responsible MP and one that the Fylde can be proud of.”