See the moving - and roaring - new dinosaurs at Blackpool Zoo

One of the new dinosaurs at Blackpool Zoo
One of the new dinosaurs at Blackpool Zoo

Six new model dinosaurs have arrived at Blackpool Zoo and are on display for visitors – and the impressive figures can move and even roar!

Each of the life-size replicas now feature as part of the East Park Drive attraction’s Dinosaur Safari zone, which takes visitors on a leafy tour of the prehistoric era complete with numerous other stationary models.

An official opening is expected to be held tomorrow, it was reported, though those who went to the zoo this morning were able to see the new dinos in action.

Della Belk, the zoo’s marketing manager, said: “Our Dinosaur Safari, with realistic models of some of the best known pre-historic monsters, still remains an extremely popular part of any day out here at Blackpool Zoo.

“The area has undergone a huge transformation in recent months, with work continuing throughout to ensure we’re ready for the new additions. We look forward to hearing what our visitors think.”

Work over the winter included new paving and fencing, as well as the introduction of a sandy excavation put, where youngsters can dig up some old replica dino bones.

Among the new arrivals, the biggest of which stands at 30 feet tall, is a baby Stegosaurus, a Parasaurolophus, a bird-like Deinoychus, a Carnotaurus,

and a Troodon.

They arrived after being loaded into crates and transported across the Atlantic last month, which the zoo described as “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom but with slightly less lava,” a reference to the popular Hollywood disaster films.

The zoo has invested heavily in recent years, and has just announced Rainbow Landings, a new walk-through bird house, is also now open.