Petition launched amid huge outcry over mast

Scott Collings and St Annes phone mast.
Scott Collings and St Annes phone mast.
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FURIOUS residents are petitioning against the installation of a 50-foot phone mast in St Annes.

Locals are gearing up to fight for the mast, at the corner of Highbury Road and Leach Lane, to be taken down amid health fears and worries that it impacts upon the Victorian character of the residential area.

Coun Karen Henshaw, who lives opposite the massive structure, has launched a petition after residents’ fears were exclusively highlighted in the Express last week.

Father-of-four Scott Collings of Ashley Road called the mast “an ugly, immoral unwanted scar on the St Annes landscape” and expressed fears for the health of his children.

Coun Henshaw said: “We are prepared to fight for this mast to be taken down. I have been speaking to various council officials and I am now investigating the planning process which was undertaken before it was erected, especially as St Annes Town Council objected to it back in January.

“We want to get the mast measured to find out whether it is indeed not over 15 metres. If it is any taller, than sufficient planning permission was not correctly attained.”

“We also want clarification as to who received letters from the council detailing the proposal and why everyone was not informed instead of just 29 addresses.”

A spokesperson from Cornerstone Media who installed the ‘base station’ said: “If people have any worries, they can ring us for reassurance, but the correct planning process was adhered to and therefore the mast was installed.”