Phone mast fears

Scott Collings and St Annes phone mast.
Scott Collings and St Annes phone mast.

RESIDENTS have reacted with horror at the appearance of a phone mast nearly 50ft high in a residential and popular commercial area of St Annes.

The structure – billed as a ‘base station’ by the company which has installed it on behalf of mobile phone providers O2 and Vodafone – has provoked anger and bewilderment after being erected at the junction of Leach Lane, Headroomgate Road and Highbury Road.

Local resident Scott Collings (pictured) has called it an “ugly, immoral unwanted scar on the St Annes landscape” and has vowed to do everything he can to get it removed.

As a father of four young children, Mr Collings, who is head of sixth form at King Edward and Queen Mary School, also expressed his fears for their health with a mast so close to homes and schools.

But a spokesperson for Cornerstone Media, responsible for the 15m mast, was quick to dismiss such fears and Coun Karen Henshaw said she understood any health concerns over such structures had been widely disproved and that objections on those grounds could no longer be made.

However, Coun Henshaw, who lives close by with husband and fellow councillor Howard, is considering starting a petition objecting to the structure after being shocked to find that permission had been granted for it by Fylde Council by a planning officer rather than going to committee for discussion.

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