Pint-sized rocker brings festival to his garden

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While most toddlers are singing nursery rhymes and watching Peppa Pig cartoons, all this youngster wants to do is rock out!

Pint-sized rocker Jake Bickerstaff is just three-years-old but has already developed a taste for heavy riffs and thumping bass.

Little rocker: Jake Bickerstaff celebrated Jakeload, created by mum Star Bickerstaff

Little rocker: Jake Bickerstaff celebrated Jakeload, created by mum Star Bickerstaff

The Offspring fan loves his rock music so much he wanted to go with his mum, Star, to see his favourite bands at the recent Download Festival at Donington Park.

But he was left upset when organisers said he was too young.

But mum Star, 23, has been dubbed ‘super mum’ by rockers all over the nation after creating a mini-Download festival in her back garden in St Annes especially for the toddler.

Pitching a tent and creating a cardboard ‘Main Stage’, Star posted a picture of Jake on to the official Download Facebook Page and within two hours it received more than 500 likes and more than 100 comments from parents and Downloaders all over the UK.

Star took to Facebook to create an entire page so people could get involved and the hashtag ‘Jakeload’ was born. She said: “I seriously cannot believe how many people have got in touch for Jake’s Download page! I am so humbled, it’s unreal. Along with the UK we even received messages from Mexico, Germany and the US.”

The five-day back garden mini-festival ran from June 17 to 21 with regular updates including Jake’s noodle feasts by the main stage, flying the camp site flag and rocking out to all things metal on top of two huge speakers.

The idea created such a buzz over social media that it managed to reach Download festival promoter Andy Copping, who tweeted: “I love this kid!..Star Bickerstaff take a bow, you are awesome!”

Star, a trainee teacher, said: “I couldn’t believe it, he sent Jake a Download T-shirt and invited both me and Jake to Download next year. Although Jake is still too young to go into the main arena he’s allowed in all the backstage areas. It’s going to be awesome.”

After five days camping in the back garden, the little dude finished off his festival to Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’.

With more than 2,000 Twitter followers following Jake’s festival journey, Star made a video of his awesome experience, which had now received 40,000 views on YouTube in just a week.

Posting her appreciation on Facebook, Star wrote: “Big big thank you to all my mates on here that have helped make Jake’s Download 2014 experience go viral! I love you guys! And an even bigger thank you to the people that made my Download so epic, without you I wouldn’t have made one for my little lad.

“You’ve all made him very happy!”