Planning for town’s future

St Annes town centre
St Annes town centre
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MORE police on the beat, improved roads and pavements and a clampdown on dog fouling through enforcement are top of the ‘wish list’ for St Annes’ residents.

They also want more shops and see parking as a key issue, according to a major consultation undertaken as part of the St Annes Town Council’s Community Town Plan, which is officially issued next week.

St Annes Square

St Annes Square

The Plan, which has been 15 months in the preparation, provides a blueprint for the future for the Town Council and its partners. Every home in the town received a questionnaire, while students, the business community and community organisations were also asked for their views.

Policing tops the list despite St Annes being one of the safest areas in the county, while residents asked for a faster response to calls for road and pavement repairs. In light of the parking issue, the Town Council is already calling for a thorough review of arrangements in the town.

Residents also criticised the loss of convenient bus services and the closure of the Household Waste Recycling Centre on Everest Road, while respondents asked for not only more shops but shops offering a wider choice of goods.

Town Mayor Tony Ford said “I am really pleased that so many residents have contributed to this plan. It was a mammoth task for us to consult with all 13,500 households and, although we would have liked a larger response, there is no denying that local residents have had an opportunity to have their say.

“The Town Plan provides a clear direction for the newly-elected and larger Town Council to take forward after the May elections.”

Many of the issues raised and the priorities identified are not the responsibility of the Town Council but councillors will be expected to pursue improved levels of service from the partner organisations responsible.