Plea to community over festival

Nth Ascension on stage in Ashton Gardens at the 2013 St Annes Music and Arts Festival
Nth Ascension on stage in Ashton Gardens at the 2013 St Annes Music and Arts Festival
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Organisers of a new-look summer festival have appealed to the community to rally round to help ensure it is a success.

The St Annes Music and Arts Festival will be held in July to tie in with town’s Kite Festival – for the first time uniting three events which were previously held separately.

But the arts aspect of the event – which takes place at several venues across the town and on the beach – is in particular need of volunteer help, to make sure it can reach its full potential.

Offers of cash backing and sponsorship will also be welcomed, as organisers aim to establish the festival as a key event on the Fylde events calendar.

“We really want this to work and to work well this year,” said prime organiser and former town mayor Barbara Mackenzie.

“The town Arts Festival has been held in September for the last two years, and was organised by the Town Council.

“This year, the Town Council is happy to promote it, but feels it doesn’t have the manpower to actually organise it, so I was happy to take it on alongside a number of other people.

“We think it will work better in July, when the weather is better, alongside the town Music Festival 
and coinciding with the separate Kite Festival.

“But we need help and would welcome some cash input. The Town Council has agreed to give us money, but we are having to find liability insurance and half the funding could well go on that.

“We want to make it a full a programme as possible, and are looking at what grants might be available. But we would welcome any support from the community for an event we feel can be a big attraction.”

Anyone who can help can contact Coun Mackenzie on (01253) 711584.