Poison danger

David and Ann Lovell, Jackie Hurst (the dog walker) and 2 year old Ollie
David and Ann Lovell, Jackie Hurst (the dog walker) and 2 year old Ollie
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A DISTRESSED dog lover has issued a warning to other owners – and parents – after her pet was left fighting for his life after eating slug pellets dumped in a St Annes field.

Ann Lovell, of Laverton Road, is relieved that Ollie the two-year-old Labrador is recovering after his walker quickly realised what had happened and rushed him to a nearby vets’ surgery.

But Mrs Lovell is concerned that another dog – or possibly even a child – might be left at least severely ill in similar circumstances and has hit out at whoever left the pellets dumped at the edge of the field linking Lima Road and Lawrence Avenue.

“Thankfully, Ollie’s walker Jackie Hurst realised what was happening and Ollie was rushed to the vets in quick time,” said Mr Lovell.

“But it’s disgusting that something so toxic can be left in an open field .

“I just want to warn other dog owners and parents to watch for such items,”

Ollie starting fitting but sedation and an overnight stay at the Veterinary Centre in Greenways, St Annes set him on the way back to full fitness.

“We are so grateful to Jackie and everyone at the surgery,” said Mrs Lovell.

Jackie, of St Annes Dog Walkers, said she had been looking after dogs for 14 years.

She had never come across pellets in such circumstances before.

“I knew I had to be quick,” she said.