Police boss to ask for opinions

Clive Grunshaw police and crime commissioner
Clive Grunshaw police and crime commissioner
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Lancashire’s police and crime commissioner is set to visit Blackpool to ask how much people are willing to pay for the police.

Clive Grunshaw launched his How Much? campaign in November, and has been seeking people’s views on the police precept – the part of the council tax that helps fund policing across Lancashire.

He’s asking people if they want to freeze the precept, increase it by 6p a week, or by 15p a week.


More than 2,000 people have had their say, either through an online survey on the commissioner’s website, on surveys placed in police enquiry desks and through a telephone poll.

Mr Grunshaw said: “I’ve been really pleased with the responses we have had so far.

“But there are still people we won’t have spoken to, and I’m hoping that by going to a place where they may feel more familiar such as a shopping centre, then that would encourage more people to chat to me.

“I want to get as many views from people as possible, so that my decision genuinely reflects the majority view of the people of Lancashire.”

Mr Grunshaw will visit the Hounds Hill Shopping Centre from 11am to 2pm on January 17.