Police warning in parking row

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POLICE have waded into a school parking row between neighbours and parents – and warned action will be taken against those who park illegally.

Parents dropping off children at Lytham’s Hall Park School have been accused of blocking driveways, parking too close to junctions and obstructing roads.

Police today warned any motorists parking dangerously can expect the law to be enforced.

Inspector Keith Ogle, Fylde’s geographic inspector, said: “There will be action taken if people are parking anti-socially, obstructing access for emergency vehicles or parking across driveways.

“Lancashire parking services have been informed and we will start taking action – it is about community responsibility and treating other people with respect.

“Parking across somebody’s driveway, even for two minutes, is anti-social and we will be taking action, it’s that simple.”

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Residents have raised fears someone will be killed or injured attempting to cross South Park because of the volume of cars, while parents at the school have complained they have difficulty finding places to park.

The school is currently in the process of doubling in size.

Police are warning motorists to avoid parking opposite or within 10 metres of junctions in the area, on bends, in front of property entrances and facing against the flow of traffic.

PC Graham Kenward, the area’s community beat manager, said: “Poor parking means it is harder for the school pupils to cross the road safely as they have to step out from between parked cars in order to see if the street is clear.

“Where possible, we would advise people to park off the main road and in a manner that is both safe and responsible.

“We would also ask that parents help their children into their cars from the pavement side of the vehicle, reducing the risk to both the youngsters and other motorists.”

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