UPDATING: Fylde borough election results

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Fylde Council results will be updated here:


Fylde remains a Conservative Council, with 32 Conservatives, 14 independents, two Liberal Democrats, one Labour and two Ratepayer councillors.


AITKEN Ben - Conservative Party 1,379 ELECTED #

COUGHLAN Jerry - Independent 727 #

EAVES David Russell - Conservative Party 1,282 ELECTED #

REDCLIFFE Richard Verran - Conservative Party 1,337 ELECTED #

SHERWOOD Marjorie Janet - Labour Party 613 #


DAVIES John Raymond - Fylde Ratepayers 727

FORD Tony - Liberal Democrats 897 ELECTED

GOODMAN Gail - Conservative Party 948 ELECTED

MERCER Carolyn Margaret - Labour Party 599

MERRITT Karen Jean - The Green Party 523

NEALE Graeme - Conservative Party 947 ELECTED

WHITTAM Alexander - Conservative Party 848


BARKER Jan - Labour Party 686 ELECTED

BENNETT Richard Anthony - Liberal Democrats 499

CRAIG-WILSON Fabian - Conservative Party 685

FAZACKERLEY Susan Mary - Conservative Party 749 ELECTED

MATTHEWS Noel - UK Independence Party 312

NASH Edward John - Conservative Party 700 ELECTED

WIMBURY Brook Dene Grant - UK Independence Party 304

WOOD Tim - UK Independence Party 301


CROSS Steven John - Labour Party 554

DAVIES Len - Conservative Party 1,385 ELECTED

FRADLEY Richard McOrmick - Conservative Party 1,136 ELECTED

HOPWOOD Ken - Independent 1,081

THOMAS Ray - Conservative Party 1,087 ELECTED

Elswick and Little Eccleston

BUTLER Stephen David Anthony - Conservative Party 277

HAYHURST Paul Joseph - Independent 668 ELECTED


BLACKSHAW Brenda - Conservative Party 1,016 ELECTED

DONALDSON David Grieve - Conservative Party 1,065 ELECTED

EASTHAM Richard Kevin - Fylde Ratepayers 853

FIELDING Robert Michael George - Liberal Democrats 501

LITTLE Cheryl Doreen - Conservative Party 1,345 ELECTED

SHERWOOD Robin John - Labour Party 591

Freckleton East

DAVENPORT Dennis John - Labour Party 238

GREENHOUGH St. John Arthur Frederick - Independent 351

HOLT Pam - Independent 256

MULHOLLAND James Kiran - Independent 517 ELECTED

OWEN Ryan - Independent 386

THRELFALL Thomas - Conservative Party 711 ELECTED

Freckleton West

FIDDLER Trevor John - Conservative Party 764 ELECTED

GRIFFITHS Noreen - Independent 550

RENDLE Helen - Labour Party 339

RIGBY Louis - Independent 635 ELECTED


FIELDING Patricia Anne - Liberal Democrats 601

GOODWIN Lynn - Labour Party 843

NASH Barbara Ann - Conservative Party 1,260 ELECTED

SETTLE Vince - Conservative Party 1,063 ELECTED

WILLDER Viv - Conservative Party 1,227 ELECTED


AKEROYD Christine Elizabeth - Conservative Party 849 ELECTED

ARMIT Tim - Conservative Party 727 ELECTED

COWAN Jerome - The Green Party 384

HENSHAW Karen Maureen - Liberal Democrats 785 ELECTED

MARSHALL Chris - Liberal Democrats 424

SMALL Roger Stephen - Conservative Party 804

STEPHENSON Peter James - Labour Party 577

Kirkham North

BECKETT Keith - Independent 780 ELECTED

HODGSON Paul Anthony - Independent 735 ELECTED

MCALPINE Ross - Labour Party 337

SILVERWOOD Elaine Margaret - Independent 876 ELECTED

WILKINSON Joseph - Conservative Party 469

Kirkham South

HARDY Peter - Independent 740 ELECTED

OADES Liz - Independent 963 ELECTED

SULLIVAN Jed - Labour Party 344

Medlar with Wesham

CLAYTON Alan David - Independent 802 ELECTED

NULTY Linda Jane - Independent 793 ELECTED

SHELDON Dave - Labour Party 500

THOMPSON Lewis Robert - Conservative Party 506

Newton and Treales

COLLINS Peter - Independent 1,272 ELECTED

SPEAK Heather Ann - Independent 1,271 ELECTED

TAYLOR Bill - Labour Party 246

Park Ward

CHEDD David Mark - Independent 1,211

CHRISTIAN Timothy William - Labour Party 749

GREEN Shirley - Conservative Party 1,729 ELECTED

HARVEY Neil - Conservative Party 1,626 ELECTED

PITMAN Sandra - Conservative Party 1,241 ELECTED

Ribby with Wrea

ANDREWS Frank Roland - Conservative Party 527 ELECTED

MCLAUGHLIN Annemarie Patricia - Labour Party 56

WARDELL Janet Lynn 364

Singleton and Greenhalgh

CHEW Maxine - Independent 481 ELECTED

LOMAX Paul - Conservative Party 298

St Johns

ACKERS Brenda Margaret - Conservative Party 856

ASHTON Tim - Conservative Party 916 ELECTED

BAMFORTH Mark Elliott - Fylde Ratepayers 1,607 ELECTED

DUNCAN Paul Angus - Independent 390 25

LLOYD Roger Henry - Fylde Ratepayers 1,028 ELECTED

SENIOR Christopher - Conservative Party 585

SHACKLETON Jose - Labour Party 473

WINLOW Pam - Liberal Democrats 192

St Leonards

BOSTOCK Fred - Labour Party 613

BUCKLEY Karen Elizabeth - Conservative Party 959 ELECTED

COLLINS Delma Maureen - Conservative Party 752 ELECTED

HENSHAW Howard - Liberal Democrats 725

JACQUES Angela Rosemary - Conservative Party 836 ELECTED

LANYON Carol Lynn - Liberal Democrats 528

SNEDDON Andrew Mark - The Green Party 382

Staining and Weeton

POUNDER Albert George - Conservative Party 746 ELECTED

SINGLETON John Rossall - Conservative Party 971 ELECTED

SULLIVAN Fran - Labour Party 531

Warton and Westby

BRICKLES Julie Ann - Independent 1,209 ELECTED

BRICKLES Michael - Independent 863

CORNAH Michael Scott - Conservative Party 979 ELECTED

GILBERT Michael - Independent 855

OGDEN Jack William Bruce - Labour Party 566

TAYLOR Richard James - Conservative Party 1,066 ELECTED


Wrea Green, unsuprisingly, says no to Labour, with candidate Annemarie McLaughlin polling just 56 votes. Challenger Janet Wardell gathers a respectable 364 votes, but Conservative Frank Andrews retains the seat with 527 votes.


Staining and Weeton ward sees Conservatives John Singleton and Albert Pounder return.

Independent Maxine Chew retains her Singleton seat.


Lib Dem Karen Henshaw, and Conservatives Christine Akeroyd and Tim Armit retain their seats in Kilnhouse ward.


Ray Thomas, Len Davies and Richard Fradley win three seats for the Conservatives in Clifton ward. Independent Ken Hopwood loses out.

A trio of independents win in Kirkham North; Keith Beckett, Paul Hodgson and Elaine Silverwood.

No surprises in Eccleston as Paul Hayhurst (independent) romps to victory.


A shock as Conservative Fabian Craig-Wilson consoled by colleagues after a recount confirms she has lost her seat to Fylde’s first Labour member for some years - Jan Barker. Council leader Conservative Susan Fazackerley and colleague


Liz Oades and Peter Hardy – both independents – returned in Kirkham South. Challenger Jed Sullivan, who also stood for Labour in the parliamentary election for Fylde, loses out.


Fylde Mayor Kevin Eastham, currently laying a wreath at VE Day anniversary event at Ashton Gardens in St Annes, loses his seat in Fairhaven ward. Conservatives Brenda Blackshaw, David Donaldson and Cheryl Little win.


Recount called in central ward after sitting councillor Fabian Craig-Wilson appears to have lost out by a solitary vote.


Lib Dem Tony Ford and Conservatives Gail Goodman and Graeme Neale elected in Ashton ward, St Annes.


Conservative trio Ben Aitken, former Council leader David Eaves, and Richard Redcliffe re-elected in Ansdell


Independent James Mulholland and Conservative Thomas Threlfall retain Freckleton East.


Conservatives Viv Willder, Vince Settle and Barbara Nash sweep to victory in Heyhouses ward


Councillors Trevor Fiddler (Conservative) and Louis Rigby (independent) retain their seats in Freckleton West – as expected.

St John’s ward (three seats):

Brenda Ackers (Con)

Tim Ashton Con)

Christopher Senior (Con)

Paul Duncan (Ind)

Mark Bamforth (Fylde Ratepayers)

Roger Lloyd (Fylde Ratepayers)

Jose Shackleton (Lab)

Pam Winlow (Lib Dem)

Ansdell (three seats)

Jerry Coughlan (Ind) 727

Marjorie Sherwood (Lab) 613

Ben Aitken (Con) 1,379 ELECTED

David Eaves (Con) 1,282 ELECTED

Richard Redcliffe (Con) 1,337 ELECTED

Kilnhouse (three seats)

Karen Henshaw (Lib Dem)

Chris Marshall (Lib Dem)

Jerome Cowan (Grn)

Christine Akeroyd (Con)

Tim Armit (Con)

Roger Small (Con)

Peter Stephenson (Lab)

Ribby-with-Wrea (one seat)

Annemarie McLaughlin (Lab) 56

Janet Wardell (no description) 364

Frank Andrews (Con) 527 ELECTED

Warton and Westby (three seats)

Julie Brickles (Ind)

Michael Brickles (Ind)

Michael Gilbert (Ind)

Jack Ogden (Lab)

Michael Cornah (Con)

Richard Taylor (Con)

Kirkham North (three seats)

Joseph Wilkinson (Con) 469

Keith Beckett (Ind) 780 ELECTED

Paul Hodgson (Ind) 735 ELECTED

Elaine Silverwood (Ind) 876 ELECTED

Ross McAlpine (Lab) 337

St Leonards (three seats)

Fred Bostock (Lab)

Karen Buckley (Con)

Delma Collins (Con)

Howard Henshaw (Lib Dem)

Angela Jacques (Con)

Carol Lanyon (Lib Dem)

Andrew Sneddon (Grn)

Park (three seats)

Shirley Green (Con)

David Chedd (Ind)

Timothy Christian (Lab)

Neil Harvey (Con)

Sandra Pitman (Con)

Singleton and Greenhalgh (one seat)

Paul Lomax (Con) 298

Maxine Chew (Ind) 481 ELECTED

Medlar-with-Wesham (two seats)

Medlar-with-Wesham (two seats)

Alan Clayton (Ind) 802 ELECTED

Linda Nulty (Ind) 793 ELECTED

Dave Sheldon (Lab) 500

Lewis Thompson (Con) 506

Newton and Treales (two seats)

Newton and Treales (two seats)

Peter Collins (Ind) 1,272 ELECTED

Heather Speak (Ind) 1,271 ELECTED

Bill Taylor (Lab) 246

Ashton (three seats)

John Davies (Fylde Ratepayers) 727

Tony Ford (Lib Dem) 897 ELECTED

Gail Goodman (Con) 948 ELECTED

Carolyn Mercer (Lab) 599

Karen Merritt (Grn) 523

Graeme Neale (Con) 947 ELECTED

Alexander Whittam (Con) 848

Clifton (three seats)

Steven Cross (Lab) 554

Len Davies (Con) 1,385 ELECTED

Richard Fradley (Con) 1,136 ELECTED

Ken Hopwood (Ind) 1,081 GONE

Ray Thomas (Con) 1,087 ELECTED

Fairhaven (three seats)

Brenda Blackshaw (Con) 1,016 ELECTED

David Donaldson (Con) 1,065 ELECTED

Richard Eastham (Fylde Ratepayers) 853

Robert Fielding (Lib Dem) 501

Cheryl Little (Con) 1,345 ELECTED

Robin Sherwood (Lab) 591

Central (three seats) RECOUNT COMPLETE

Jan Barker (Lab) 686 ELECTED

Richard Bennett (Lib Dem) 499

Fabian Craig-Wilson (Con) 685

Susan Fazackerley (Con) 749 ELECTED

Noel Matthews (UKIP) 312

Edward Nash (Con) 700 ELECTED

Brook Wimbury (UKIP) 304

Tim Wood (UKIP) 301

Freckleton West (two seats)

Trevor Fiddler (Con) 764 ELECTED

Noreen Griffiths (Ind) 550

Helen Rendle (Lab) 339

Louis Rigby (Ind) 635 ELECTED

Heyhouses (three seats)

Patricia Fielding (Lib Dem) 601

Lynn Goodwin (Lab) 843

Barbara Nash (Con) 1,260 ELECTED

Vince Settle (Con) 1,063 ELECTED

Viv Willder (Con) 1,227 ELECTED

Kirkham South (two seats)

Peter Hardy (Ind) 740 ELECTED

Liz Oades (Ind) 963 ELECTED

Jed Sullivan (Lab) 344

Elswick and Little Eccleston (one seat)

Stephen Butler (Con)

Paul Hayhurst (Ind)

Freckleton East (two seats)

Dennis Davenport (Lab) 238

St John Greenhough (Ind) 351

Pam Holt (Ind) 256

James Mulholland (Ind) 517 ELECTED

Ryan Owen (Ind) 386

Thomas Threlfall (Con) 711 ELECTED

Staining and Weeton (two seats):

Albert Pounder (Con) 746 ELECTED

John Singleton (Con) 971 ELECTED

Fran Sullivan (Lab) 531