Pop up firework shops safety call

Danny Shiers, owner of Bulldog Fireworks
Danny Shiers, owner of Bulldog Fireworks
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ARE you buying secure and legal fireworks?

That’s the question posed by Bulldog Fireworks director Danny Shiers as Bonfire Night approaches.

St Annes-based Mr Shiers, responsible for several shops throughout the Fylde area and more than 20 across the North West, said: “We have been trading in the North West for the past 14 years, unlike some of our competitors who trade illegally.

“Some illegal pop-up shops only have the basic shop licenses required to open a unit and they do not have the transportation licenses and the external storage licenses.

“It is time that the consumer knew about this massive breach in the law, and only buys products from a registered dealer who has the correct method of storage and transportation.”

Mr Shiers is concerned at the growing number of pop-up firework shops appearing, and has called for Trading Standards bosses to ensure they are all policed.

Fireworks must be transported and stored within the strictest safety guidelines.

The law states that only 250kg of rockets can be kept in storage at any one time, and drivers need special training to transport them.

Mr Shiers ensures deliveries are made up to four times a day to his stores, to ensure storage limits are not breached, but he is concerned these laws are not being adhered to by others.

He added: “Fireworks are classed as 1.4g explosives and not toys, why would you buy them from a store when they are bringing them from a garage in an unlicensed van?

“All of this would invalidate any insurance claim made by the consumer as the insurer would simply request the evidence. It would then fall to the retailer, who would have no doubt vanished.”

Steven Brimble, of Lancashire County Council’s Trading Standards Service, said: “If you decide to have fireworks in your garden, you should always buy fireworks from reputable traders and not from car boot sales, markets or the back of vans.

“Trading Standards Officers are currently inspecting retailers to ensure that fireworks meet safety requirements, they are being kept safely, and the trader is fully aware of age restrictions.”