Postmaster told to increase retail – to keep his counter

Mark Bamforth
Mark Bamforth
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A Lytham sub-postmaster must increase his retail offering – or face losing his Post Office counter.

As part of a scheme to save millions, the Post Office is relocating branches to retail outlets.

Now, Mark Bamforth faces the prospect of losing his Post Office in Warton Street, Lytham, unless he can show Post Office bosses a business plan detailing how he can make up the shortfall of Post Office funding from the retail side of his business.

He said: “They want me to live off the commission alone for all the work that goes into running a branch.

“Basically I will lose the wage they pay people to run a counter, and they want me to prove I can increase my earnings from the shop by the same amount, or they will take the business away from me.”

A letter from the Post Office, seen by The Express, states: “We need to make sure our branches are commercially sustainable into the future.

“If it is not possible to identify a way to develop the branch... we may consider relocating the business to another retailer.”

It also states the branch will not close, but does not rule out it could be relocated.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has lent his support to Mr Bamforth, as have hundreds of people on a Facebook page dedicated to keeping the business where it is.

In 2008, hundreds of people fought to keep the Post Office open when it was earmarked for closure.