Quail farm at centre of claims over bird cruelty

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A LYTHAM resident claims to have witnessed poor conditions on a quail farm.

The man, who doesn’t wish to be named, said he has seen birds from the Lodge Lane farm escape the battery, only to die on his land hours later.

He has also said that he had seen skips filled full of dead birds and claimed that the smell coming from the site could only be described as “awful”.

Fayre Game, which is based in Catforth, provides quail to exclusive department stores.

Bosses at the farm say they “take animal welfare very seriously” and were “improving conditions” for their birds.

Last week, an animal rights movement obtained footage alleging to show the conditions that the birds were being housed in.

Captured by animal rights movement, League Against Cruel Sports, the film alleges that the Fayre Game-owned site has kept hundreds of birds in cramped, dark cages.

It is also claimed that there were carcasses on the floor, which was covered in bird droppings.

The resident, who lives on Lodge Lane, said: “This report is no surprise to me.

“The state of these birds are appalling.”

He added: “We have had several birds that have escaped from the farm come on to our land and the condition of them is horrible.

“I think we have had approximately 15 birds come on to our land in a really bad way.

“Out of the 15, only two have survived. The quail either die straight away, or after only a few hours.”

The resident has also criticised the lack of space for the birds.

He said: “There isn’t any room for the birds to move around and they seem to be locked up in the shed all day.

“The smell that comes from the farm is awful.”