Residents urged to help improve recycling rate

Recycle Week
Recycle Week
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Residents are being urged to push Fylde’s recycling rate beyond its current record-breaking 48 per cent by extending the range of goods they recycle.

It’s national Recycle Week from next Monday through to June 28 and Fylde Council officers hope it will inspire residents expand their recycling routines to all areas of the home.

Almost everyone is now in the habit of recycling things like glass, cans and plastic bottles from the kitchen

Civic-minded Fylde residents now recycle more than almost anywhere else in Lancashire, but many recyclable goods, such as toothpaste boxes, toilet roll tubes and shampoo bottles, are overlooked.

Clare Blyth, Fylde Council’s waste prevention and enforcement officer, said: “Almost everyone is now in the habit of recycling things like glass, cans and plastic bottles from the kitchen.

“Other rooms, however, seem to be a blind spot.

“The bathroom and even the bedroom contain many recyclables such as moisturiser and liquid soap bottles, deodorant and shaving gel aerosols, along with toilet roll tubes and tissue boxes.

“It saves the environment, reduces the Landfill Tax that has to be paid and is genuinely useful as plastic bottles, incredibly, can be recycled back into fleece jackets while drinks cans can be recycled and back onto shop shelves in just eight weeks.

“Fylde people are doing a great job but we’d like them to take a closer look around other areas of the home such as the bathroom, bedroom and lounge.

“There are many more items that can be recycled and with residents’ help we can make a real difference to the amount of waste recycled and diverted from landfill.”

For more information on what can be collected for recycling from the home or to find the nearest bring banks and Household Waste Recycling Centres, use the Recycling Locator from Recycle Now