Ringing in the New Year...by staying in alone

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Almost two-thirds of people are planning to celebrate the New Year in the comfort of their own home, research suggests.

Some 62 per cent of adults surveyed for Post Office Home Insurance expect to have a night in tonight, equating to 31 million people staying indoors as the clock chimes midnight across the UK.

The survey of more than 2,000 people found that 14 per cent will be at home alone on the last night of 2014.

One-in-four (25 per cent) people surveyed will have a night in with their partner, 23 per cent will be staying with family and six per cent will be hosting a dinner or a party with friends.

The number of people estimated to be seeing in the New Year from their own sofa is about 1.5 million higher than when similar research was carried out last year.

Despite signs of growing consumer confidence as the economy recovers, the research also suggests revellers will be keeping a tighter hold on their purse strings while seeing in 2015.

The average sum that people estimate they will spend is £47, including food, drink, clothing and, for those venturing out, travel costs. This total is £3 less than the typical estimate given last year.

There were wide variations found across the country in terms of the typical amounts people plan to splash out, ranging from £81 in London to £30 in the East Midlands.

The North West figure was £41.

A thrifty one-in-seven (13 per cent) people said they will not spend anything at all while 
celebrating. The biggest spenders were people aged between 20 and 29, who plan to spend £62 typically.