Row after skate park plans hit an obstacle

Plans to expand Fleetwood's seafront skater facilities have led to a dispute between councillors.

Wednesday, 25th May 2016, 11:19 am
Updated Wednesday, 25th May 2016, 12:23 pm
Calls have been made to add to the skate bowl.

Fleetwood Labour members have accused Coun Peter Gibson, the leader of Wyre Council, of trying to halt proposals to add to Fleetwood’s £120,000 skate bowl.

The skate bowl is part of Wyre Council’s £1.5m Five For Fleetwood scheme aimed at revamping the town’s seafront.

After initial excitement over the bowl, Fleetwood residents have expressed disappointment that the scheme consists simply of the bowl and no accompanying ramps, as some expected.

Now a group of key organisations in the town, under the banner Team Fleetwood, has made the expansion of the skate facility one of its key projects and it is looking at possible funding streams.

The land around the bowl is owned by Wyre Council, which makes the authority a major player in what happens on the site.

Coun Gibson says the calls to have more than just a skate bowl have come too late.

Fleetwood Labour member, Coun Lorraine Beavers, said: “Who is Councillor Gibson to dismiss what people in Fleetwood want?

“There needs to be more than just a bowl, it is over used and we need more facilies around it, such as ramps.”

Coun Gibson said: “There was a full consultation about this skate facility and the Labour group have had more than one opportunity to speak about this, during the consultation itself and the budget meeting.Why are they doing it now, once the work is finished? It is all political.”

But Fleetwood Town Council chairman, Coun Terry Rogers, is hoping to involve Wyre Council in the expansion plans.

Fleetwood Town Council is playing a lead role in Team Fleetwood and Coun Rogers said: “We are having a meeting with the chief executive of Wyre, Garry Payne in early June. We cannot make any further progress with this project until we have proper discussions with the land owner, Wyre Council.”