Sad end after rescued baby porpoise dies

Baby porpoise being rescued off the Norbreck beach.
Baby porpoise being rescued off the Norbreck beach.
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There has been a heart-breaking finale to the case of a baby porpoise painstakingly rescued after becoming stranded on the beach opposite Blackpool’s Norbeck Castle.

The little porpoise was rescued by a group of marine rescue divers, assisted by Blackpool PCSO Ryan white, Coastguard and Lifeboat teams and members of the public just after 10pm on Saturday night. For over an hour the group battled to get the baby harbour porpoise back into the sea and finally it was able to safely swim away.

But sadly, just an hour later, the porpoise became stranded again and this time it was unable to re-float and soon died. The British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) reports that the Blackpool incident was one of four cases of baby harbour porpoises becoming stranded.

There were three similar incidents in North Wales (Rhyl), Scotland (Greenock) and also in Cornwall.

The three mammals in the north all died and the BDMLR says post mortems are to be carried out on them to see if there is an explanation to the issue.

Corinne Gordon, an Edinburgh-based out-of-hours coordinator with the BDMLR, said: “There appears to be a problem across the whole coast and we want to find out why this is happening.”

A Blackpool Police spokesman said: “We’d also like to thank everyone who also helped out.”