Safety improvements welcomed on two major roads

Fracking, Blackpool Football Club and speed cameras '“ three of the most divisive issues of our times.

Monday, 16th January 2017, 1:59 pm
Updated Monday, 16th January 2017, 2:26 pm
Average speed camera

So when we announced average speed cameras were to be installed on two key Fylde coast link roads, you lot had plenty to say.

A 7.5 mile stretch of the A583 between Peel Corner and Preston Old Road in Clifton is one of eight sites in Lancashire to be earmarked for the motorway-style cameras.

A two-mile stretch of the A588 in Pilling is also included.

Average speed cameras use number plate recognition technology to detect vehicles and calculate their average speed by measuring the time taken to travel between two fixed points and are frequently used on motorways during sections of roadworks.

Work will begin on the A588 in April and the A583 in October.

Here’s your views

This is very good news. There are far too many drivers ignoring speed limits and causing danger to pedestrians and cyclists.

I am particularly glad to hear about the ones on the A588.

It is a very dangerous road with lots of sharp bends and many drivers go far too fast. My only complaint is that they publicise where they are putting the cameras so the speedophiles know where they can break the law without getting caught.

The sites should be kept secret and all the existing yellow cameras should be moved around and painted green. Driving is a privilege not a right. Those who won’t respect the rights of other road users should lose their licence.


There is absolutely no interest in becoming a good driver for the majority of motorists, if you don’t believe me go for a drive at tea time, or on a Saturday afternoon.

I drive 400+ miles a week and it’s for breakfast dinner and tea the ignorance and selfishness that abounds on our roads.

Sadly we will have to make drivers more careful by making them think of their pockets rather than their actions which is a sad sign for society.


Speed cameras do not prevent accidents.

Accidents are caused by bad drivers. Educating drivers, improving roads and junctions and introducing a five-yearly driving test would do more than putting speed cameras everywhere. It is possible to speed excessively between the cameras and still stay under the average speed limit.

They will create nothing but congestion.


Mathematically, it’s possible to exceed the national speed limit but still stay within the ‘average’ over a given stretch of road.

The A9 between Stirling and Inverness (approx 140 miles) is all average speed cameras but after getting stuck behind slow moving vehicles, drivers put their foot down at the first opportunity and exceed the speed limit to overtake.

I know because I’ve done the journey many times.


Speed controls are for the safety of us all. If drivers were responsible and drove with safety in mind speed controls wouldn’t be required. Driving safely is easy to say and easy to do. A sure way of improving safety would be a one hit and you’re banned rule.


The more speed cameras, the better.


Some stretches of road are dangerous, some need traffic calming, some may even benefit from speed cameras. But I remain to be convinced by many of these proposed sites for them.

Captain Duff

There are accidents on that road due to the stupidity of drivers. Present the stats properly, how many of the accidents were attributed to speeding?

Average speed cameras will not stop accidents the same as reducing the speed limit and making it a single lane on Preston New Road a decade ago didn’t.

Matt Smith

I support any initiative that cuts the risk of accidents due to illegal driving

Dave Nuttall

I wonder though for the A588 in Pilling if they’ll be rearwards facing to catch the motorbikes ... if not then they’ll be a waste of time and money as most of the accidents seem to involve bikes at the weekend

David Nicholls

Be interesting to see if accident rates go up or down, as these are to make it safer. Although these cameras are on the busier roads, not the most dangerous.

Chorley Paul

I’ve got a genius way to avoid speeding tickets - stick to the speed limit, simple. There really is no need to exceed the safe limits on our roads.


Just don’t speed

Samantha Curtis

If people stuck to the speed limit then these cameras would not be needed.

Yes I’m sure in an ideal world that would be great. However it will not stop people speeding it will catch them speeding, the rest of us will be too busy keeping more of an eye on the the speed we are travelling so as not to exceed the limit rather than the road.

Let’s not forget how well the existing cameras work - those who speed do so up to the cameras slow down then accelerate once they pass them. These will be no different. Just another cash cow I’m afraid.

Paul Fisher

If you stick to the limit which is the law then you have nothing to worry and moan about. You can tell the speeders when they come out with ‘it’s only a money making scheme’.

Owen Houghton

Do you know what would save lives? If people didn’t drive like idiots. Go figure.

Katy Collier

I drove past a speed camera doing about 60mph.... drove through the next one doing 40mph... no problem! They’re easy to fool!

Richard Massey