Sawn-off tree in park sparks angry backlash

Trustees of Garstang's Kepple Lane Park have vented their disgust at 'mindless vandals' who have destroyed a tree, planted at the front of the community run facility.

Wednesday, 26th July 2017, 3:39 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:27 pm
Coun Gordon Harter at award winning Kepple Lane Park

One of the park’s pioneers Gordon Harter discovered the sawn off tree discarded at the road side in front of the Garstang Scout Hut in Kepple Lane on Monday morning.

A further damaged tree was discovered later that day.

The damage on the park is the latest in a spate of incidents across the market town

Posting the incident on Facebook town councillor Harter said: “Just cannot understand what kind of person would think it is funny to do this.

“Mindless vandalism at its best. Sawn off. Why?”

Coun Harter said the vandalism had been reported to Garstang and Over Wyre Police.

His post prompted a strong reaction on social media with several neighbours reporting acts of vandalism in recent weeks. Active member of Garstang Norah Hoyles MBE posted: “This is so spineless, and to take a saw to a new tree. Beyond belief.”

The team are again appealing for members of the public and neighbours to keep a watchful eye on the award-winning park.

It follows complaints of alleged vandalism in Catterall on the Playing Fields where fencing was torn down and in another incident a resident had the windscreen of his van smashed with a rock.

It is not the first time Kepple Lane Park has been a victim to vandals.

Trees in the community orchard, planted at the park by the Garstang Transition Group, had to be replaced after they were snapped and ripped up on two separate occasions.

The roof of the youth shelter also had to be replaced after damage caused by people climbing on top of it.

Call police on 101.