School fight hots up

Protesters at KEQMS.
Protesters at KEQMS.
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PARENTS opposed to the merger of King Edward and Queen Mary School with Blackpool’s Arnold are stepping up their fight.

As the deadline looms for the final ratification of the ‘marriage’ of the two independent schools under the United Church Schools Trust, and amid a massive outcry which has promoted a record number of comments to the Express website, campaigners are:

* Seeking legal advice on whether it is still possible to stop the merger;

* Setting up a fighting fund which has already received a £5,000 boost from a single benefactor;

* Aiming to gather support among the wider community by displaying banners around Lytham and St Annes proclaiming ‘It’s Time to Talk’ and

* Claiming that their campaign has ‘gone global’.

Parents have already prepared an alternative business plan for the future of the school which they feel can point to a prosperous future without the need for a merger – and they claim hits to the ‘No To The Takeover’ website have come from as far afield as Russia and the USA’s West Coast.

Full story in this week’s Express.