Sewer woe once more

Hole in St Albans Road, St Annes causes traffic diversion
Hole in St Albans Road, St Annes causes traffic diversion

Part of yet another busy main road in St Annes will be closed for up to a week after a sewer collapse.

Officials from water firm United Utilities have apologised to residents and road users after work began to fix the issue in St Albans Road.

Workmen from the firm were called in after the road was closed last week between Carlton Road and St Particks Road South, and diversions were set up, including a rerouting of the No 11 bus between St Annes and Blackpool.

The company initially hope to have its staff off site within days but admitted it could be longer if the work turns out to be more complex than initially thought.

The collapse is the latest in a number of sewer problems in St Annes, but investigations by United Utilities have shown that none of the problems are linked.

A spokesman for the company said: “It appears we have got a damaged sewer pipe running under St Albans Road.

“We are going to dig down to the pipe to find out what the problem could be, whether it is a joint that has gone or it has collapsed. We estimate we will be on site for around a week.

“Until we dig down and find out what the problem is we cannot say. It’s expected to take a week.”

The collapse in St Albans Road is the latest in a number of issues with the sewers in St Annes.

In July, officials from United Utilities began work on a sinking road surface in Clifton Drive South, with work continuing on site at present.

Part of St David’s North was closed for a three-week period earlier in the summer.

The spokesman added: “I know there has been issues on Clifton Drive North and St Davids Road but I think its just a coincidence.”

In September last year, a crater opened up in the pavement of Westgate Road, St Annes, following months of complaints from residents about the state of their drives.

St Albans Road was the site of a similar road closure in 2010, when a pot hole in forced police to close a section of St Albans Road.

A massive one metre wide hole suddenly appeared in the road. It too was caused by a sewer collapse.