Shame on you...backlash over rooftop web trolls

Police today condemned online trolls who encouraged a mentally-disturbed man to jump from a supermarket roof.

Wednesday, 23rd March 2016, 6:00 am
Sainsburys in St Annes
Sainsburys in St Annes

Officers were called to Sainsbury’s in St Andrews Road North, St Annes, at 8.45am on Monday, following a ‘concern for safety’ report, made when a man was seen on the upper floor of the supermarket’s two-storey car park.

A specially-trained police negotiator was brought aqnd the road was closed. A police spokesman said it soon became evident the man on the car park had mental health issues.

After two hours the man eventually came down from the roof, at around 10.45am.

Screengrabs of the Facebook comments

He has since been detained under the Mental Health Act.

But as the incident was unfolding, a host of posters on Facebook made comments suggesting he should jump.

Rob McKenzie wrote: “Might have a drive down and tell him to do a flip.”

David Pryce said: “It’s not very high.

Screengrabs of the Facebook comments

“Don’t waste anymore time let him jump.”

Lee Majors simply wrote: “Jump.”

Adam Kilburn, angry at the disruption caused by the road closure, said: “He should be named and shamed.”

And Andrew Turner said: “If he was in so much need of help he would jump off the Tower and not a little ledge 9ft high he’s only gonna hurt his finger nail jumping off that, wasting resources, attention seeking clown.”

Screengrabs of the Facebook comments

Others appeared to make light of the situation.

Shaun Christopher Antony Smith: “No Nectar points for him.”

And Cleveleys News said: “A man is threatening to jump off the roof of Sainsbury’s in St Annes. Police are trying to convince him that this won’t earn him air miles.”

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We do not condone such behaviour and condemn such actions.

Screengrabs of the Facebook comments

“In response to social media, any comments or material deemed to be unlawful will be investigated and appropriate action taken.”

Other posters also condemned the comments as “insensitive.”

Tracey Roger said: “What a bunch of insensitive idiots commenting on this, would you be saying the same if it was a member of your family?”

Carey Marsh wrote: “Disgusting how insensitive a lot of you are being to someone who obviously has mental health issues.”

Ange Haspell said: “Shame on those who ridicule – I hope the poor man can come to terms with whatever has led to his distress and desperation.”

And Lee Edmondson added: “Some of the people commenting on this disgust me and most of the human race.”

Screengrabs of the Facebook comments
Screengrabs of the Facebook comments