Sort out the queues!

Cars queuing to get into Marks and Spencer car park, St Annes
Cars queuing to get into Marks and Spencer car park, St Annes
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A CAMPAIGN for something to be done urgently to alleviate congestion on a problem car park is being stepped up.

Congestion caused by vehicles queuing to enter the car park at the corner of Wood Street and Clifton Drive South has been a regular topic on the agenda for St Annes Chamber of Trade and chairman John Moxham said at the organisation’s meeting this week: “I have watched the situation there and could be termed comedic but to be honest it is no laughing matter and someone needs to take ownership of the problem because it is bordering on dangerous.

“At times queues of traffic make it difficult to enter Wood Street and somebody really needs to take ownership of the problem.”

The traders and the Central ward PACT (Police and Communities Together) forum, which also sees the topic regularly come up at its meetings, want a hatched box junction on the southbound lane of Clifton Drive South to prevent queuing motorists blocking access to Wood Street.

‘No loading’ markings on the pavement at Wood Street’s south side opposite the entrance to the car park have also been suggested to stop blue badge holders parking on double yellow lines there.

Police have monitored the situation at the car park as a PACT priority but say there have been no reports of accidents.

Coun Ed Nash told the latest PACT meeting: “I have monitored the situation there myself and what it needs is a sign urging drivers to move forward if they cannot see a space. Congestion is caused by people waiting at the entrance until one comes free.”