'˜Surely there are enough hotels and B&Bs already': Super budget hotel chain easyHotel to open in Blackpool

There is set to be a new player in Blackpool's hotel industry.

Monday, 1st October 2018, 12:17 pm
Updated Monday, 1st October 2018, 12:22 pm
Easy Hotel

A “super budget” hotel with rooms at as little as £9.99 a night, is to open in the resort.

The super budget hotel chain easyHotel has signed a 999-year lease agreement to open a site at 429 Promenade in South Shore.

The company currently owns nine hotels in the UK, as well as in Barcelona, Spain.

It has another 23 franchised hotels at locations across the UK, Europe and Dubai and boasts sale offers on its website of rooms for £9.99 a night.

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Plans to open new £7.6m "super budget" Blackpool hotel revealed

Guy Parsons, chief executive of easyHotel, said: “Our super-budget offer will enable visitors to have affordable, comfortable, stylish accommodation at the heart of Britain’s seaside culture.”

But is it what Blackpool needs? We asked for your views and here are a selection of them...

Why is the council allowing this to happen?

They are allowing them to put B&Bs like mine out of business!

Cause that’s what will happen!

Lorraine Hodson

So I’ve read some comments from people to suggest existing B&B owners reduce their rooms to £10 per night to compete.

By the time they’ve paid out the cost for breakfast, laundry, gas, electric, water, TV licence, entertainment licence, public liability insurance, broadband, PAT testing, fire safety certificate, council tax and the maintenance of rooms i.e. light bulbs, soap, loo rolls etc and probably a heap of other expenses I’ve forgotten to mention.

I’m sure they’re going to be delighted with the 27p they’re going to make on every room!

Gayle S Read

I support people making a living from their B&Bs and Guesthouses.

This hotel chain is driving the price point down to crush the fair competition that is already struggling, which I do not support. Haven’t we learnt anything from the likes of the supermarket chains and Amazon?

I’m all for competition, but this takes it too far in my opinion.

It’s all very well saying that hotel owners should up their game and modernise or shut down, but where do hotel owners get the £s from that would be required to modernise?

Fine, let the dilapidated and filthy ones close down, but don’t drive out fair and honest hoteliers with £10 per night rooms.

Simon Page

I stayed in the easyHotel in Liverpool and was disgusted at how much they charge for the smallest room I’ve ever stayed in in my life.

Couldn’t get out of either side of the bed and there was just enough room to side step between the end of the bed and the wall.

People will only make the mistake of staying at an easyHotel once.

Leanne Ford

Just what Blackpool doesn’t need. Should be stopped.

Richard Wayne Adkin

Another hotel. Surely there’s enough hotels and B&Bs in Blackpool.

There’s one everywhere you look.

Gemma Green

When all the smaller B&Bs close down and there is no council tax coming in from empty buildings that will rot to a shell, the council will regret this decision.

I’m appalled the council are allowing this with businesses struggling with all their traffic closures.

What are these idiots thinking? I hope my council tax doesn’t go up again because they have lost revenue due to this idiot scheme!

Janet Treharne

Brilliant news get more new hotels built and knock the old ones down if they don’t come up to today’s standards.

Paul Webster

If I struggled to make money doing what I do, I would do something else, just because a guest house has been there 50, 60, 70 years does not give it a right to be profitable or make people want to go there.

Marc Rose

I’m sure many, many B&B owners are upset about this.

However, the standard of some of Blackpool’s B&B accommodation is appalling.

Many need total refurbishment.

Those who have refurbished have no need to worry.

Many people will still prefer a hospitable and personable B&B host over a soulless easy B&B. Maybe this will make many B&B owners pull their socks up.

The lazy days are over. People want more for their money nowadays.

Richard Fairbrother

What’s all the fuss about?

It’s a great addition to the tourism offer.

Only certain rooms at certain times will be £9.99 - not all the time.

Like I said it’s just like what other hotel chains do to keep business going in the quiet season. More choice of quality accommodation is good thing.

But also if you are a B&B owner and you offer value for money, good quality accommodation then you should have no problem in keeping your client base.

Jenn Nicholls

So a basic room in Newcastle works out at £31.99, although there are some rooms on a Sunday evening for £9.99 plus the extras, won’t be many rooms at £9.99, be similar pricing to Travelodges.

I wouldn’t be worried if I operated a good modern B&B, hopefully this will encourage the run down hotels to up there game or go out of business.

Some of them are disgusting.

David Palmer

Those complaining about new hotels being built, up your games, gone are the days of old fashioned B&Bs, people want modern rooms at affordable prices, Times are changing an you need to move with them.

Clare Bear

I have stayed in many hotels of theirs and they are great.

Having worked for easyCruise as well, I know that even though the rooms are extremely cheap, it does not affect the quality of the rooms.

James Daniel Marinker