Talks go on over danger road saga

A car parked illegally on the pavement on St Albans Road, St Annes
A car parked illegally on the pavement on St Albans Road, St Annes
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CAMPAIGNERS have been encouraged by talks to find a solution to a long-standing parking problems in a St Annes shopping area.

The town’s Central Ward PACT (Police and Communities Together) forum and ward councillors have been pressing for measures to improve safety in St Albans Road amid fears that repeated instances of vehicles parking on pavements to access shops there could lead to a serious accident.

PACT officials, police and ward councillors met with representatives of Lancashire County Council, as the highways authority, and short- and longer-term solutions to the problems are to be looked at, PACT chairman Drew McLaren told the forum’s latest meeting.

Mr McLaren added the matter has also been discussed by the Fylde Officers’ Road safety group and a number of possible solutions have been suggested, including the creation of a layby and the installation of bollards to prevent access onto the pavement.

The creation of diagonal parking paces in front of the shops was suggseted at an earlier PACT meeting but it is understood they are being own played as a possibilty because of fears over road safety involving reversing vehicles.

The parking problems are on two sections of St Albans Road, from Church Road to Holmefield Road and Holmefield Road to Trafalgar Street and measures such as signs and the erection of large planters have all been tried as solutions, with varying degrees of success.

“The talks were encouraging and will go on,” said Mr McLaren. “It is important that we find a solution.”