Teddy Bears’ picnic proves a hit with youngsters

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Nursery pupils pack up their hampers for alfresco fun at event to raise money for charity that helped baby.

Teddy bears joined their young owners on the picnic rug to raise cash for sick children - including a 10-week-old Blackpool baby.

Youngsters from the Dunes Day Nursery on Dunes Avenue, Blackpool, enjoyed sandwiches and cakes at Louie Horrocks Park on Lytham Road on Tuesday.

The event raised more than £375 in for the Sick Children’s Charity, which has helped support the care of little Ada Williams, whose brother attends the nursery. Ada was born with biliary atresia, a rare disease of the liver and bile ducts.

Claire Greenwood, owner of Dunes Day Nursery, said: “She has undergone a nine-and-a-half hour operation at Leeds Hospital, and the Sick Children’s Trust has put her in an apartment where her whole family have been able to stay.

It’s meant that mum hasn’t had to stay in a hotel or rent somwhere. We raised around £375, which is amazing for such a small nursery, and there’s still money coming in.

“We’re hoping to raise £400.

“This could be our regular charity for the future.

“We already support Children In Need but this could be our further charity.”