Teenager charged after horror crash

Car smash: This is the damage caused after a car crashed into a �500,000 home on Lytham Quays ' remarkably no-one was injured
Car smash: This is the damage caused after a car crashed into a �500,000 home on Lytham Quays ' remarkably no-one was injured
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A teenage driver miraculously walked away unscathed from this wreck after a car ploughed into a £500,000 luxury home.

The white Ford C-Max careered through metal fencing into the five-bedroom home on Victory Boulevard, Lytham Quays, at around 3.10am on Sunday – 10 minutes after it was reported stolen from a property on Lowton Road, St Annes.

The car flipped over before smashing into the front of the house in what one witness described as an “enormous bang”.

The crash caused damage to the empty house, which is up for sale, as well as ripping out metal railings, a tree and plants in the front garden.

Neighbours today told of being woken by the noise of the crash.

Richard Heaton, 44, said: “We heard an enormous bang.

“The car must have come flying down, it flipped and ended up on the house.

“It looks a mess now.”

Another neighbour described being woken by police who said his £23,000 Audi had also been targeted during the incident.

Ryan Wilson, 27, said: “It looked like something out of a film scene.

“The car took out the metal railings and hit the windowframe.

“It’s a good job the railing was there, they probably stopped it being worse, it could have gone straight through the house.”

Mr Wilson, an electrician, said he had left his black Audi A4 unlocked by mistake and police had found someone inside the vehicle when they arrived at the scene.

Describing his neighbour’s house, he said: “There’s white marks up the house where the car hit it and smashed glass from its windows even on the upstairs windowsills.

“Luckily there was no-one in the house or anyone out there – they wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

A teenager was arrested at the scene.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “At 3.10am on Sunday, police were called to an address on Victory 
Boulevard in Lytham where a Ford C-Max, which had been stolen about 10 minutes earlier from an address on Lowton Road, had crashed into a house.

“A 17-year-old boy was arrested at the scene. Nobody was injured.”

A teenager, from St Annes, has been charged with driving a motor vehicle with an alcohol level above the legal limit, two counts of interfering with a motor vehicle, using a motor vehicle without third party insurance and driving a motor vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence.

He has also been charged with burglary dwelling and theft, and taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent.

He is due to appear at Blackpool Youth Court on June 19.