‘Tenant tax will put landlords off upgrading’

Blackpool landlord Nicola Millner
Blackpool landlord Nicola Millner
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Another Blackpool landlord has spoken out about controversial plans to introduce a selective licensing scheme in the centre of the town.

Nicola Millner has warned the move by the council to charge landlords annual fees in a bid to drive up standards will deter investment.

When I buy a property to renovate in Blackpool, I have always ensured a large initial budget for a full refurbishment

She said: “When I buy a property to renovate in Blackpool, I have always ensured a large initial budget for a full refurbishment.

“I am keen to provide a high standard of accommodation for tenants.

“However this proposed ‘tenant tax’, a payment to be made on each individual property, has because of its additional expense already put landlords off in other areas from upgrading property to modern standards.

“There is good evidence that landlords avoid buying property in these areas.

“Far from the scheme helping the area, it will reduce the availability of better quality private tenanted accommodation both in use now and available for the future.”

The council has already rolled out selective licensing in parts of South Shore and Claremont, and a consultation process on proposals to introduce it in central Blackpool ends today.

Landlords attending meetings have expressed opposition to the plans, with another Blackpool landlord Robert Jackson, and Gavin Dick from the London-based National Landlords Association, spearheading a campaign calling on the council to scrap the proposals.

But Blackpool Council says selective licensing has been “nationally recognised” for the impact it is having on raising housing standards in the resort.

Deputy Council leader Coun Gillian Campbell said: “Consultation events have been held throughout August where landlords, managing agents and residents within the area were able to receive more information about the proposals with opportunities to meet with officers and give their views.

“Once the consultation period ends we will take those views put forward into account before making a final decision on all aspects of the scheme.”