Then and now: Changing face of Highfield Road, South Shore

Highfield Road in the 1960s
Highfield Road in the 1960s
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These two photographs, taken nearly six decades apart, show how little has changed in the Highfield Road area of Blackpool’s South Shore.

This 1960s view of Highfield Road near its junction with Lodore Road has many independent shops, much like the street today.

How it looks today

How it looks today

One sign of modern times has seen what was once the grocer’s on the corner replaced by a tattoo parlour – as can be seen in our recent snap of the same area.

But by and large, the two pictures are not as different as one might imagine.

There are more cars on today’s view, but more people on our archive picture – the street is busy and bustling with shoppers.

The 60s cars of course look quite different from today’s.

Highfield Road now has mini roundabout, just visible in the picture and other traffic calming measures which were not necessary 57 years ago.

The businesses and their signage may have changed, but the street view has largely remained the same.