They came, they saw, from a car

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I have a coin dated July 8, 1913, commemorating King George V and Queen Mary’s Royal visit to Lytham.

Did they really come and exactly who were given coins? Did they open anything, or plant any trees and where might they have stayed?

Dave Hoyle,

Lytham Road, Warton

Yes, they did visit on that date, but it was a non-stop visit as they never set foot out of their car! They were the first Royal visitors to the Fylde Coast since Queen Victoria’s boat docked at Fleetwood on September 20,1847, en route from Scotland to London.

The King and Queen came from Preston via Kirkham, Wrea Green, Saltcoates Bridge, Warton Street and on to the Beach Road. Local children aged from three to 15 years of age were in an enclosure on the Green, between the pier and the Clifton Arms Hotel.

The coins (medals) were a gift from Mr J Pearson, chairman of Lytham Urban District Council. On entering the enclosure each child was handed a medal and also a flag to wave.

The crew of the Lytham lifeboat were assembled opposite the road to the Pier. Many residents lined the streets. The local press had earlier advised that as the Royals were to travel in a closed car, it meant that viewing from the first floor of houses would not be possible.

After the Royal car had passed, the children were entertained to tea on the beach opposite the Baths’ Assembly Rooms, courtesy of Mr Talbot Clifton.

The Royal car carried along Clifton Drive, slowing down in Ansdell as it passed the Congregational and the Wesleyan Churches and further on at King Edward VII School. The car reached St Annes and turned into Lightburne Avenue and on to the Promenade and passed packed public stands opposite the Imperial Hydro (later to be re-named the Majestic Hotel) and sped on to Blackpool,

The Royals eventually arrived at Blackpool Town Hall and, alighting for the first time, at 5.15pm. Here they met dignitaries from Blackpool and the Fylde. At 5.45pm they left Blackpool North Railway Station, en route to Preston.


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ROYAL VISIT: King George V and Queen Mary on HMS Medina during the Durbar Tour in 1912.

LEFT (TOP AND BOTTOM): A coin dated July 8, 1913. It is to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary’s Royal Visit to Lytham.