Thumbs-up to positive Peter Emelone’s dancing on Blackpool Prom

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He certainly captured your imagination!

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Self-proclaimed king of positivity Peter Emelone, who said ‘age is nothing but a number’, has earned celebrity status after he was spotted by thousands dancing on the Prom.

Videos of his energetic dancing have been uploaded to social media sites, with many people commenting on his slick moves.

And Peter told The Gazette: “Everywhere I have travelled I have danced. It’s just me. I get happy and I dance.

“I love seeing happy faces and I like putting smiles on people’s faces. I just want to spread some love. The more happy faces we get on the planet Earth, the better it is for everybody.”

And judging by your responses, it did the trick.

Good work Peter!

Think he is an inspiration we really do need more positive people in the world like him. He makes me and my partner smile on the way to work in the morning really brightens up our day.

Kerin Seville

Saw him last week, up near Blackpool North train station, when I was on way home after a hard day, he was happy to say hi and he made me smile, nice way to cheer people up, good on him.

Margaret Smith

I’ve seen him twice on my way to work dancing to the people on the trams and he’s made me smile.

Julia Hutchings

He’s spreading some smiles rather than whining and complaining on social media.

Mike Hague

He’s dancing and smiling and trying to make people smile.

David Richardson

Saw him twice this week on my way to work. Makes me smile from ear to ear. How amazing that he wants to cheer folks for nothing.

He deserves an award.

Deserves good news story coverage.

Linda Stubbs

Me and my husband stopped to say hi. What a lovely guy. He was glad for the bottle of water we gave him.

Faye Bonser

I’ve seen him a couple of times on the way to work, he’s awesome, and makes me giggle every time.

Kay Barton

That lovely man turned my day around and I felt happy and positive for the rest of the day.

Gaynor Beverley

Looks like Mr Motivator in all his 80s spandex! He totally busts those moves.

Justine Moore

Agreed. There was a man singing his heart out along to the music in Morrisons the other day. Cheered me right up!

Karen Lupton

Think we need more people like him in Blackpool...too many miserable buggers about.

Vanda Cash