Tourism boost, or strain on emergency services?

You tell us your opinions on bid by nightclub Home and HQ to extend its opening hours from 4am to 6am

Monday, 26th March 2018, 11:29 am
Updated Monday, 26th March 2018, 11:35 am
Mark Nordwind outside Home and HQ

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Police warning at Blackpool nightclub's bid for 6am licence

Blackpool police are objecting to a nightclub owner’s bid to extend their venue’s opening hours from 4am to 6am.

Nordwind Developments Ltd wants to sell alcohol for an additional two hours at Home and HQ in Talbot Square, Blackpool, on Friday and Saturday nights.

Police licensing chiefs are opposing the application on the grounds it will exacerbate alcohol-fuelled violence in the area.

A town hall hearing is due to be held tomorrow to decide the application.

Police say the club is well managed, but despite this it attracts anti-social behaviour which is putting a strain on emergency services.

In her report to tomorrow’s hearing, Blackpool licensing sergeant Helen Parkinson says despite the club “being one of the best runs venues it already has issues with crime and disorder”.

Club operator Mark Nordwind said: “We need a 6am licence if we are going to attract the best DJs and talent otherwise people will go to clubs in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds instead of Blackpool. People go out later and stay out later now.”

Are police being killjoys or should the licence bid be rejected?

Here are your thoughts

It’s 2018 people need to move with the times, he’s trying to get bigger acts to come to Blackpool which in turn will help with tourism.

After all the area is meant to be a tourist town. He’s creating jobs, paying council tax it all adds to the area.

If we don’t move forward with the times we’ll be left behind.

Becca Brayshaw

This is the reason our town is in such a mess. We must stop these clubs opening so early, we should get back to closing all clubs by 2am, that’s early enough.

Jonathan Barnes

Disagree completely.

I remember the 2am days when every drunk person in Blackpool was on the streets at the exact same time. Taking your life into your own hands just waiting for a taxi.


I used to frequent the Tache rock club and when that and the Syndicate shut at the same time riot vans would have to wait outside of Popeyes in case it kicked off. Which it usually did

Casee Malakian Leigh

I used to go to both the Tache and the Syndicate back in the day and honestly, there was far less trouble with drunks and fights then there are now.

I’ll also note it was usually the out of towners from the Syndicate who started the kick-offs if there were any ever.

John Whitehouse

The tourist attractions are open all day for the families - why can’t the clubs be open all night for the people wanting a night out?

Mark Kershaw

I remember Brannigans used to have a queue going all round the corner to the prom at weekends, which meant people sobered up a bit in between clubs.

The Palace you had to wait a good two hours some weekends to get in after 10pm.

Alan Clark

Opening until stupid o’clock is exactly the reason pubs and clubs are empty, get back to 2am. Only people doing Class A’s stay out till 6am anyway.

Robin Hulse

In my opinion all clubs should close at 3am with bars closing at 2.30am.

Sadly this day in age youngsters need to get totally intoxicated before they go home or end up in the hands of the paramedics then need to go to A & E which puts strain on the paramedics.

Martin Chapman

We are a 24 hour society now.

The supermarket next door to me stays open (and keeps its outdoor lights blazing) all day and night.

Why should a nightclub (which, like the supermarket, is an outlet for alcohol) be treated any different?

Steve Thomas

Greedy owners don’t care of the consequence.

I am sure the staff are not really thrilled working all hours.

I hope the police get their way and stop potential trouble that this would cause.

Rose Millies Mum

Council should let them have the 6am licence on the condition that they pay for the policing.

Lee Ward

It’s only an extra two hours. Flamingo is open until 6am.

What’s the problem?

I think the earlier you close the more people are going to binge. Lighten up.

Cheryl Louise

This only means one thing Maccies breakfast on the way home.

Sam Curtis

I liked the old times ...young lad going with dad for a few drinks in working men’s clubs and maybe some pool, then off to town.

By 2am they would be ready for bed or home...if they didn’t pull.

Tom Martin

You have to think of the people commuting in a morning in a morning aswell and its affects on businesses in the area that are already struggling.

Deanna Hartley

The problem isn’t when a club shuts it’s the drink culture of our country.

If you work til 3am and you fancy a couple of beers to wind down it should be OK. I reckon but it will never work here.

Glen Roberts

6am would be class. Could leave just in time to get to work.

William Rowe