Town hall’s revamp plans delayed as sale plug pulled

Fylde Council's Leisure building (left) and Public Offices (right).
Fylde Council's Leisure building (left) and Public Offices (right).
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A bid to buy Fylde Council’s Public Offices has fallen through – leading to a delay in plans for the refurbishment of Town Hall.

A deal had been agreed with a developer for the building in Clifton Drive South, St Annes, but the proposed buyer was unable to commit to the deal.

The council had hoped to use the funding from the sale and another site in Derby Road, Wesham, to fund work to refurbish the town hall.

It has now been proposed that work will soon begin on re-roofing the town hall, before a wider refurbishment of the building begins when both sales can be agreed.

A Fylde Council spokesman said: “We had reached agreement with a ‘preferred developer’ for the offices and we had agreed what we believed were the final terms.

“However, the developer has been unable to commit to that agreement.

“The council was keen to agree and finalise the deal – but it takes two to reach an agreement.

“Councillors will soon be considering the appointment of contractors to re-roof the town hall. If and when re-roofing goes ahead the council’s workers will be able to remain at the town hall.

“The funding of the wider Town Hall refurbishment project all depends on the sale of the Public Offices and the Derby Road depot. Sale of Derby Road has been agreed, subject to granting of planning permission – a matter which will be considered soon.”