Traders’ plea over parking

Cars queuing to get into Marks and Spencer car park, St Annes
Cars queuing to get into Marks and Spencer car park, St Annes
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A TRADERS’ chief has called for motorists to show some festive goodwill and consideration for others in a bid to avoid parking gridlock in St Annes in the run-up to Christmas.

The plea from John Moxham, chairman of St Annes Chamber of Trade, came as town centre parking in St Annes was labelled ‘a complete mess’ by former town Mayor, Barbara Mackenzie, who is particularly concerned at the continuing congestion in the Wood Street and Orchard road areas.

Coun Mackenzie told a meeting of St Annes Central PACT (Police and Communities Together) that vehicles queueing for the small car park on the corner of Clifton Drive South and Wood Street and blue badge holders parking on double yellow lines opposite the entrance to the car park were a particular worry.

“At times, as well as causing congestion turning into Wood Street from the main road, parked cars make it difficult to see oncoming traffic when pulling of Orchard Road,” she said. “Something needs to be done but let’s face it, the parking situation in town is a complete mess.”

Vehicles parked on double yellow lines on St Andrew’s Road North have also been highlighted by the Chamber of Trade as a particular problem and Mr Moxham said: “I would hope that motorists would think of others when driving or planning to park in these problem areas.

“A lot of the congestion is caused by selfish motorists who either queue for spaces or park on double yellow lines without thinking what problems they might cause for other road users, including pedestrians.

“If it entails walking a little further than they might otherwise do after leaving their vehicles, surely it is not too much to ask.

“I realise that blue badge holders might have a problem with that but sadly there can be examples of some of them abusing their status and I would ask them to look at the bigger picture. Hopefully, a little extra thought will make a difference, but I do wonder if it is time for complete clampdown on inconsiderate parking.”