This is the aftermath of the crash in St Annes that injured two elderly women

Photo: Eric Craven.
Photo: Eric Craven.

These are the photos of the aftermath of the crash that left two elderly St Annes women injured.

Taken this afternoon, they show the wreckage of the car - and the lamp post that it hit - on St Thomas' Road.

Photo: Eric Craven.

Photo: Eric Craven.

Authorities say that two women were in the vehicle when the incident happened, one in her 70s and one in her 80s.

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An ambulance, a rapid response vehicle, and police were called after the crash, and the women were treated for cuts and bruises.

Norman Bean, who lives on St Thomas' Road and called for the ambulance, said: "I heard a huge bang and I looked up quickly.

"The car was flying through the air and landed side-on. Part of the engine came off as well."

"I called an ambulance and police to come and block the road off, because there's oil all over the road."

"The tree and the lamp post have been taken straight out."