Road safety victory joy

Coun John Singleton
Coun John Singleton

A Fylde councillor has won his two year battle to safety measures installed on a notorious road.

Staining councillor John Singleton said he was pleased to hear Lancashire County Council would install hazard signs on Mythop Road close to Weeton, but admitted more could be done to improve the situation for motorists.

He added: “I have been campaigning on this subject through the Fylde traffic and highways meetings for almost two years, calling for road improvements in order to reduce casualties and reduce speeds.

“I can now report the Lancashire County Council Highways Cabinet Member CounJohn Fillis has allocated money to reducing such statistics.

“In the next three months the county highways are spending money improving signing and hazard warning signs at bends on Mythop Road and at the junction with Chain Lane.

“It’s not what I wanted but it is better than nothing. Ideally I wanted the speed limit dropping from 60mph to 40mph.”

Earlier this year a man had to be freed from his vehicle after his car turned onto its side, while in September 2012, Patrick Cresswell and Suzanne Smith were fatally injured after crashing into an oncoming tractor.

In June last year, two men had a lucky escape when a Ford Transit van and Ford Focus collided, blocking the route.

The cash for the road measures is part of a £1m funding drive from Lancashire County Council to improve road safety. County Coun Fillis said: “Death or serious injury has a major impact on individuals and their families, as well as our economy, which is why investment in road safety continues to be a high priority for the county council, despite the pressures on our budget due to central government cuts.

“This being the case we’ve carried out very careful research to make sure every penny of the £1m we’ll be spending on new measures over the next two years makes a real difference to preventing accidents and improving people’s lives where speeding is an ongoing problem.”