Union: ‘Morale is at an all-time low’ at council

Maria Moss
Maria Moss
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Maria Moss Regional Organiser for UNISON, said: “These cuts go to the heart of the issue which is that this conservative government do not want services to be provided to the people of Blackpool through locally elected councillors and their promise that these services would be picked up by the voluntary and private sector, which means cuts in wages for staff who may transfer to a new provider, is not happening in real life “We have seen nursery closures, youth offending teams reduced.

Disabled services users having to shop around for a private provider to name but a few “Skilled trained experienced staff are being discarded and service ceasing to exist.

“This government is deliberately ignoring the fact that keeping people in work not only keeps services in place but contributes to the local economy

“It makes no sense to throw people on the scrap heap and effectively close down council services as will be the result especially in Blackpool given the disproportionate way government funding is being allocated

“Our members will be asked again to contribute unpaid leave to help reduce the savings total but are struggling to do this given the recent pay rise that councillors gave to themselves which was far above the one per cent for their staff this year .

“Morale is at an all time low and while we will try our utmost to reduce the cuts impact on loss of jobs it is clear that the Tories look after their own to the exclusion of hard working staff and the people of Blackpool.”