Up, up and away for festival in cash boost

St Annes Kite Festival
St Annes Kite Festival

St Annes Kite Festival is among four projects to benefit from a £2,000 funding boost each from Fylde Council.

The Community Projects Fund is also to provide the cash to Fylde Food Bank, Park View 4U and the Ormerod Trust.

St Annes Kite Festival has been staged for the past two years and the cash will be used to develop it into a larger event. Organisers of July’s annual two-day event, which this year will round off a new-look music and arts festival, say they need advertising banners and public signage to improve organisation and promotion. Last year’s festival attracted 15,000 visitors. Fylde Food Bank’s nine volunteers provide three-day food packages as short-term help to people in crisis.

Food is distributed via children’s centres, churches, Age UK and volunteers’ own homes.

Lytham’s Park View 4 U plans a two-day festival of story-telling in July and say the cash will help towards staging that. The festival will involve 69 individual events featuring high-profile children’s authors, professional story-tellers and performers and will involve Lytham-based schools. The Ormerod Trust intend to use the cash to to buy gardening equipment to support people with learning difficulties.

The Ormerod Gardening Project began in 2008 and has expanded to include development of horticultural skills and the learning of practical skills from building a toolshed and greenhouse and the production and marketing of products such as chutney.

Fylde Mayor Coun Linda Nulty said: “These volunteers represent Fylde’s civil society at its best. The town hall simply couldn’t do the work they do, so we are pleased to support these motivated people in any way we can.

“These projects are, without exception, of great benefit to people in Fylde and they enrich us all.”