Vandals in shelter havoc

Wrecked shelter on St Annes seafront
Wrecked shelter on St Annes seafront

TOURISM leaders have reacted with horror to a wrecking spree which caused more than £1,000 worth of damage to a newly-refurbished seafront shelter.

Less than six months after being restored to its former glory at a cost of over £3,500, the historic Grade Two-listed shelter close to St Annes Pier had the majority of its glass and wooden panels smashed by vandals.

As police and Fylde Council appeal for information over the incident, leading tourism officials have condemned the “mindless violence” which they feel will leave a bad impression with visitors as well as concern among local residents.

“We are trying to attract people to St Annes and this goes against everything we are trying to achieve,” said Paul Rollings, president of the Hotels Association of Lytham St Annes (HALSA).

“Tourism is vital to our economy at any time but in this year of all years when we are staging the Open Golf here and looking forward to thousands of extra visitors, this mindless violence creates entirely the wrong impression.”

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