Vet’s warning after dogs collapse

Fylde's sands
Fylde's sands
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An investigation has been launched after the collapse of three dogs following walks on the beach prompted a warning from a Fylde vets’ practice.

The Lytham Vets4Pets surgery, based in St Andrew’s Road North, St Annes, took to social media over the weekend to suggest pet owners steered clear of the south Fylde sands “for the next few days” after the dogs presented as “weak and twitchy”.

The practice message, posted on Saturday evening, said: “In the last 24 hours we have seen three dogs which have been presented to us because they have suddenly collapsed, become weak and twitchy.

“All three dogs had at some point been for a walk on the beach during the day.

“We are happy to report that they are doing well which is good news, although we don’t know what may have caused these symptoms.

“We think it may be wise to steer clear from walking your dogs on the beach for the next few days in case there is something on the beach that is causing these symptoms.”

The post prompted fears among some dog owners that there could have been a recurrence of the palm oil problems which plagued the Fylde coast a few months ago.

Palm oil, which can prove fatal to dogs, first started washing up in Cleveleys, Fleetwood, and Knott End last November, sparking an alert by the Coastguard.

It was suspected the oil, fatty, greasy with a rancid aroma, may have been dislodged from a ship washing out its tank in the Atlantic Ocean and it spread south to Blackpool and Fylde.

But although the vets’ practice declined to comment directly, it is understood initial indications are that the latest concerns are unconnected to the previous events and that the dogs’ beach visits are just coincidence,

However, Fylde Council, which at the height of the palm oil scare advised owners to keep their dogs on leads on the beach, confirmed it was looking to find out more about the matter.

A spokesman said: “We are currently looking into this and will get back to you as soon as we have more information.”