Villages hope its lucky 13th in battle over homes bid

Villagers are gearing up to fight a 13th planning application for homes on land near cottages at risk of flooding.

Sunday, 25th September 2016, 4:56 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:05 pm
Staining and Weeton Cllr on Fylde Council John Singleton

The bid made once again to Blackpool Council has angered residents of Staining who have opposed the plan previously.

It has been lodged by CFM Consultants of Poulton on behalf of Keith Beardmore of Braithwaite Manor on Mythop Road.

The aim is to build seven two-bedroomed bungalows on land off Broad Oak Lane.

Fylde councillor John Singleton said nine similar applications were refused, two more went to a planning inspector on appeal and were turned down while another was left undetermined.

At the last refusal, residents and councillors said the build site was only half a kilometre from a key nature reserve and site of special scientific interest (S.S.S.I.) at Marton Mere which could be adversely affected by the development.

Residents also warned they feared the scheme might trigger flooding in that part of the village, which lies within Blackpool’s boundaries.

Today Coun Singleton said: “The cottages down the narrow lanes of the low lying area of Broad Oak Lane are some of the oldest in the Blackpool area.

“The area adjoining this land in Blackpool and Staining is subject to surface water flooding and some of the small cottages have been regularly flooded as they are lower than the parcel of land in question at the rear of Broad Oak Lane.

“The owner occupiers wish to remain in their homes and retain the way of life they love so much.

“As a borough and parish councillor I am involved with this matter as the access road, to the land at the rear of Broad Oak Lane, is located in Staining Village and we have flooding problems in many homes near the proposed site.

“The 13th planning application for seven bungalows has now been submitted to Blackpool Council and letters of objection have been submitted.

“I intend to be present at the development management committee meeting when this becomes an agenda item. A group of residents from Blackpool and Staining will also highlight their concerns as will members of Staining Parish Council and Lancashire County Council.

“In my opinion, as councillors we must support these residents against the rush to gain planning approval which inflates the land value.

“These cottages are a prized possession of Blackpool. The occupants deserve to live in the lifestyle they have chosen without the fear of increased and avoidable flooding exacerbated by proposed destructive development.”

Resident Pam Knowles said the battle over this land had been going on since the 1980s.

She said: “The field where the bungalows are planned is higher than our cottages and all the water from there runs off down to us. I have been flooded twice. He said last time in the planning appeal that they would install drainage to the main sewer, but that is uphill from the site, How is he going to make water flow up hill?”

A statement in support of the application says a new drainage scheme had been made: “There are some changes (in this new application) to proposed layout, highway position and land levels and drainage over that previously proposed in application.

“The layout proposed sees the bungalows re-positioned from the west side of the site to the now proposed east side of the site. This means less impact on the rear of the cottages in Broad Oak Lane than previously proposed.

“It is anticipated that this proposal will remove any doubt on matters of drainage at/near the site and will overcome the appeal Inspector’s concerns.”