Volunteer’s delight at winning police award

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A St Annes volunteer has been rewarded for a year of serving the community at a prestigious ceremony.

Andrew Noble has won the Police Divisional Commander’s Commendation at a ceremony held at Blackpool Tower, in recognition of his dedication to the St Annes Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Andrew, who is a regular Express contributor, said that 2014 has been ‘the best year of his life’, and believes that is mostly down to volunteering with the police at the start of the year.

He said: “I feel such a part of the team in St Annes, everyone has been so welcoming, I feel honoured every time I get called up to assist.

“My role has become a lot more beneficial, especially due to the cutbacks, meaning everything is much tighter but the policing has to continue.

“I can help do the things that get police officers out of the office and on to the front line, where they are needed.”

Andrew was nominated for the award by his managers and colleagues, and was “overwhelmed” to hear his name called out as the winner.

He said: “I have been so thrilled to volunteer for the past 18 months and officially for the past year, I was so proud and overwhelmed to hear my name get called out.

“I was so humbled to be recognised in the same light as some of the other winners as you heard their great stories too.”

Andrew is very proud of a number things he has helped organise and run this year.

As well as visiting elderly residents who have been scared of crimes in the area, Andrew has helped organise Police Community Support Officer and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual meetings, which have improved community engagement.

Andrew said: “The PCSO meetings have been great for us. People feel a lot more comfortable coming to the libraries, as it’s a lot less informal and they can relax.

“They have helped massively by speaking to people and finding out what is going on in the area.”