Walking Kai stuns doctors

Kai Hodgkinson who is recovering at home from surgery to help him walk unaided
Kai Hodgkinson who is recovering at home from surgery to help him walk unaided
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It’s just over a week since Kai Hodgkinson had his life changing operation to help him walk unaided - and he is already walking alone.

The six-year-old has astounded his mum and dad and physiotherapists who say he is way beyond the stage he should be in terms of recovery.

The youngster had the selective dorsal rhizotomy operation on his spine in Leeds following two years of fund-raising to pay for the surgery.

He is now back home but is travelling to Leeds daily for intense physiotherapy to strengthen his muscles.

During his stay in hospital Kai, who has cerebral palsy, contracted a virus but despite feeling unwell, sheer resilience and determination meant he was up and about within a few days.

Proud mum Caron, from Lawnswood Avenue, Poulton said: “We couldn’t believe that he managed to take a few steps so soon.

“He was on the high dependency unit for a few days but the second he got out of bed he took two steps.

“We were in tears. It was amazing to see and he was putting his feet flat on the floor, something which he couldn’t do before the operation.

“We couldn’t believe it and now, just in the last few hours, he is able to walk a few steps around the house.

“The physiotherapists had him walking sideways today which is hard but he’s so determined.

“It’s been a difficult few weeks and watching him lie in bed for four days straight after the surgery was really hard but he has never complained.

“The only time he moaned was when the nurses cut his toast up into four pieces - he likes it in eights!”

Kai will have physio in Leeds for two more weeks and then it will be daily visits to see a physiotherapist in Blackpool.

Part of his recovery will be horse riding which will help strengthen his core and increase balance.

But like any other six year old boy all Kai wants to do is to climb a tree.