What the Romans and Greeks did for us

Adam Hart-Davis
Adam Hart-Davis
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Lytham St Annes Classical Association’s fifth year is off to an amazing start when well-known TV presenter, author and scientist Dr Adam Hart-Davis talks to an audience at AKS on September 20.

Dr Hart-Davis’s unique talk focusses on not only what the Romans, but also the Greeks, did for us and promises to be a fascinating selection of Adam’s favourite Roman and Greek inventions and initiatives.

Adam, known to many as the presenter of Tomorrow’s World, Science Shack, and Local Heroes has also written and presented over 65 history programmes including the very popular What the Romans (and also Tudors and Victorians) Did for Us and Hart on History.

As well as delivering talks around the country and abroad, Adam is the author of hugely popular books such as a Beginner’s Guide to the Cosmos, The History of Time and the Military History encyclopaedia, and his latest best-seller: Very Heath Robinson.

Somehow, he has also found time to be a first-class photographer, being awarded the prestigious Royal Academy Award, and if that wasn’t enough, he is about to appear on Pointless Celebrities with another great lecturer who lectured at the Association last year, Mary-Ann Ochota!

Katrina Kelly, Chair of LSA CA, stated that “Adam is incredibly busy so we are thrilled that he has agreed with great enthusiasm to come to Lytham St Annes and open our new season of lectures!” He is a very popular presenter and tickets are selling fast – please come early if you would like to talk to Adam or buy his history books, which he is happy to sign before the lecture.”

Katrina continued: “In his talk for the association, Adam is going to split his time between talking about selected Roman and Greek inventions and initiatives that particularly intrigue him. Practical mathematics, for example, enabled the ancient Greeks to tunnel through the island of Samos and estimate the size of the earth; and we still use their geometry in all our construction work today. Adam believes the Romans were brilliant at putting Greek ideas into practice, and gave us, amongst other things, public baths, public toilets, straight roads, and fish sauce! Please come and join us – it only costs £12 to join the largest branch of the CA in the UK and enjoy seven free lectures or just turn up and buy a £5 ticket on the night.”

Further information can be found on the association’s website: www.lsaclassics.com or through contacting Jayne, the Secretary at lsaclassics@gmail.com