Wicker basket windfall

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MORE than £21,000 in cash was left anonymously on the doorstep of a St Annes house.

The mystery money – all in £20 notes – had been stuffed into a knotted plastic charity bag and placed in a small wicker basket.

The astonishing ‘gift’ had remained on the step of the Hope Street terraced home in broad daylight for up to seven hours.

But stunned residents Ian Roberts and his wife Pam Curtis are convinced the money is a donation for the redevelopment of Hope Street Park, opposite their home, where a fund raising campaign is ongoing – even though they could keep it for themselves.

A £400,000-plus, three phase park Masterplan, including teen play equipment and shelter, toddler and junior play area and improvements to the pavilion to make it a community resource, has been drawn up and work begun.

The retired civil servants are officials of the Friends of Hope Street Park committee – Ian chairman, Pam secretary – and will hand the £21,480, currently in their own account, over to the committee for improving the pavilion.

The bag of cash - an orange Scope charity bag inside a white plastic St Annes’ Gigli’s Butcher’s bag - contained no note, nor any other means of identification of the amazing benefactor.

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