Windmill retains pride of place in new-look logo

Fylde Council new logo
Fylde Council new logo
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Fylde Council has launched a new logo to be branded across its website pages, letters, forms, vehicles and buildings.

The new logo will continue to feature the well-known windmill and the traditional green, but a more stylised windmill replaces the former ‘line drawn’ mill, while a more modern font replaces the spidery lettering of old.

Council leader Coun David Eaves, said: “The design of the logo has all been done in-house at no cost. It will be phased in at no additional cost as and when stationery is used and vehicles replaced.

“Some organisations spend tens of thousands of pounds on new logos. We have no intention whatsoever in these straitened times of asking tax-payers to meet such costs so this will be a gradual change. The logo has been designed by a member of staff following a brief from councillors and senior managers.

“Continuity is important, so we are keeping the traditional green as well as the windmill. Fylde is synonymous with the windmill and the new design reflects that tradition.”