‘Wow’ factor is blooming vital

St Annes In Bloom
St Annes In Bloom
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Hanging baskets outside town centre shops are among the items intended to bring the ‘wow’ factor to St Annes this summer – and hopefully put it in line for golden glory.

Officials of St Annes on Sea in Bloom are eager to see the town take the top prize in its category in the North West In Bloom awards and want the help of traders to make sure floral features look their best.

Thousands of daffodil bulbs have already been planted in the Crescent Gardens and flower beds placed at strategic points around the town centre.

Now, officials are aiming to erect brackets on premises on key shopping streets such as Orchard Road and Park Road which they feel will fulfil a double purpose.

“Once the brackets are up, the aim is to see hanging baskets of flowers there,” In Bloom committee treasurer Tony Ford told a meeting of St Annes Chamber of Trade.

“With plans already in line for extra Christmas lights for the town, the brackets would also allow us to place festive decorations there.

“But the initial aim is to make the town centre as eye catching as possible this summer and really impress the North West In Bloom judges and we are looking for people who will help with things such as the watering of planters.

“We have been stuck on silver gilt in our category for some time now and we really want to bring the ‘wow’ factor to town.

“Rather than spread our efforts too thinly, we are concentrating on area in and around The Square.”

St Annes’ efforts this year come in the wake of national and regional success for neighbouring Lytham last year. Lytham competes in the Small Coastal Resort category of the North West awards, while St Annes is grouped with the Large Resorts.

Chamber of Trade co-ordinator Arnold Sumner said: “We applaud the In Bloom volunteers for their efforts and are sure traders will do everything they can to help make it a successful year.”